Computer Perimetry is an examination that enables anomalies of the visual field of each eye to be identified and quantified. It uses accurate and precise techniques to study the sensitivity of each retinal point through the projection of light stimuli of different sizes and intensities.

This examination enables the evaluation of visual field defects and scotomas caused by certain pathologies, in order to detect initial changes that may go unnoticed by the patient.

Computer Perimetry is an essential test in cases of Glaucoma (allowing the evolution of the disease to be studied and the effectiveness of the treatment to be monitored), in cases of visual deficits of neurological cause (where it is used to determine the location of the lesion on the optic pathway) or even for the characterization and follow-up of other types of pathologies of the retina or optic nerve.

Anesthesia or dilation of the pupil is not required for this test.