Our Mission

The mission of CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde, Lda. Is to provide a series of consultations, examinations and medical treatments, including outpatient surgery, that will contribute to the health and well-being of our patients.

Our Vision

To be recognised by the users and clinicians as a medical clinic of reference, in its clinical practices, in its ethical posture and in its humanised treatment of users.

CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde, Lda. should achieve, through a permanent spirit of improvement and diversification of medical services, the solidity and vitality that guarantee sustained growth and prepare for future challenges.

Quality Objectives

The objectives of the quality policy of CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde are to continually improve its processes, supporting the quality of the service provided and providing satisfaction for users and clinicians.

The objectives of CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde are to:

– Ensure a user-focus in all its activities, fostering a humanised and personalised treatment and care;
– Meet users’ expectations, applying appropriate medical acts, while safeguarding their privacy and safety at all times;
– Guarantee the provision of reliable surgical procedures, tests, diagnoses and treatments, based on Criteria of Good Clinical Practices, and on the latest scientific knowledge in diagnosis and therapeutics;
– Ensure the involvement of all employees of CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde, meeting their needs and expectations and promoting their ongoing training;
– Optimize processes, taking full advantage of the available human resources and resources in order to reduce costs;
– Ensure the technical and scientific support to respond to requests in a timely manner, in accordance with Good Clinical Practices and legislation in the Health sector;
– Promote collaboration with regulators, partners, scientific societies, and other stakeholders in the health area, improving communication and mutual cooperation;
– Promote the selection of suitably qualified suppliers by promoting partnerships with them;
– Ensure that in the course of its activities the requirements established by the norm NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 are fulfilled.

The continuous improvement of this system is the objective and responsibility of all employees of CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde, Lda.

Updated May 22, 2015