This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the website and governs the collection and processing of personal data provided by users of this site, as well as the exercise of their rights with respect to this data.

1. About us
2. Collection and Processing of Data
3. Party responsible for data processing
4. Collection, origin, purpose and period of retention of personal data
5. User’s Rights
6. Data Sharing
7. Security Measures
8. Cookies
9. Changes to the Personal Data Protection Policy
10. Consumer Information

1. About us

Clínica Vivina Cabrita is an establishment providing ophthalmological health care, and is therefore dedicated to all types of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eyes and vision. Clínica Vivina Cabrita is managed by CGS – Clínica Glocal de Saúde, Lda (CGS, Lda), which is also responsible for the management of the S. Bartolomeu de Messines Medical Center.

CGS – Clinica Global de Saúde, Lda

Rua Aboim Ascensão, nº 34

8000-198 Faro

CGS, Lda. guarantees users of this site (“Users”) respect for their privacy, taking the necessary measures to protect their personal data.

2. Collection and Processing of Data

This policy describes how CGS, Lda. treats the personal data collected when accessing its services, whether in the establishment itself (by the patients) or by the website (

In the exercise of its activity, CGS, Lda. collects two types of personal data:

– personal data

– personal data in special categories (health data)

By making your personal data available, you are authorizing the collection, treatment and use of the data in accordance with the rules defined herein.

The personal data collected will be processed and stored in computerized form by CGS, Lda., or by the entities contracted by it, and will be used to respond to your requests to book appointments, as well as your comments, requests for clarification and/or suggestions.

3. Party responsible for data processing

The Data Processing Officer at CGS, Lda. Will apply the adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure, and can prove, that the processing is performed in accordance with this regulation, and will manage the data collected in centralized form.

This policy may be modified, supplemented and updated to comply with any modifications to the services provided by CGS, Lda. or to adapt to any legal, regulatory and technological developments that could affect the area of ​​personal data protection.

4. Collection, origin, purpose and period of retention of personal data

CGS, Lda, may collect personal data in person, by email, and online.

Data collection online

Use and browsing on the website does not require the user to provide any personal data that identifies him or her. However, the use of certain content or services, such as filling out online forms, implies the provision of personal data by the user, such as name, email, telephone and subject.

The data referred to is mandatory, in order to enable the request for information or booking of the examination or consultation requested by the User.

In the form, an blank field is also provide where the user can enter a description of the subject and/or any other personal that they deem relevant, to enable us to provide the best answer to the request presented.

The purpose of the processing personal data by the website will be to manage contacts with Users, in order to respond to requests for information, booking of consultations and/or examinations or other comments and/or suggestions.

The personal data collected will be stored in a way that allows the user to be identified. The length of time for which the data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information will be used. There are, however, some legal requirements that require us to keep the data for a certain period of time. Thus, where there is no specific legal requirement, the data will be stored and retained only for the period necessary for the purposes for which it is collected.

CGS, Lda. assumes that the data collected was added by the respective owner, or that its use was authorized by the same, and that the personal data presented are true and accurate.

5. User’s Rights

In accordance with the applicable legislation, patients and users of CGS, Lda., may request access to their personal data at any time, as well as correct or eliminate it, restrict its treatment or portability, or oppose its use (with the exception of data strictly necessary for the provision of the service).

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, or have a question related to the processing of your personal data, please write to CGS – Clínica Global de Saúde, Lda., Rua Aboim Ascensão, nº 34, 8000-198 Faro or send an email to

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, the User has the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission or to another competent control authority, in accordance with the law, if he or she considers that the processing of his data violates the legal system in force.

6. Data Sharing

The personal data collected is for the exclusive use of CGS, Lda. and of the establishments managed by the company. The establishments collect and share patients’ data with each other, through a single database, in order to allow their patients to book consultations or examinations at either of the two establishments. Our health professionals respect the Deontological Codes of the professional classes to which they belong. Because they work as a team and, in order to provide the patient with the best health care, our health professionals may share their Personal Data with each other.

CGS, Lda. may also pass on your personal data in the situations provided below:

– Entities subcontracted for the aforementioned purposes, under the terms of the contracts entered into with them. Before establishing any relationship with a supplier, CGS, Lda., certifies that it applies measures to protect the confidentiality and security of Personal Data;
– Where this data communication is necessary or required (i) by the legislation law (ii) in compliance with a legal obligation/court order, (iii) by a decision by the National Data Protection Commission or other competent authority, or (iv) to respond to requests from public or governmental authorities;
– The data is passed on to protect the vital interests of Users, or for any other legitimate purpose provided by law.

In no case will users’ personal data collected by CGS, Lda. be transferred to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

7. Security Measures

CGS, Lda., has systems and specialized technical personnel to ensure the security of personal data processed, creating and updating procedures that prevent unauthorized access of personal data, improper use, disclosure, loss or accidental destruction. For this purpose we also develop rules and other procedures, such as:

– physical protection at locations
– procedures for the circulation of information
– access management – authorized persons
– password
– confidentiality clauses for professionals
– criterion for hiring RGPD compliant suppliers
– internal auditing plan

With respect to the provision of personal data via the website, we further consider that it is the User’s responsibility to guarantee and ensure that their computer system is adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses and worms, in order to safeguard the risk of personal data and passwords being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

8. Cookies

A cookie is a small information file that is automatically placed on users’ computers/mobile devices when they access websites.

Cookies may be used to provide an appropriate user experience for the User. The process of collecting data through cookies is done according to standardized security procedures and practices in this type of tool.

In addition to these cookies, specific to our site, Google Analytics cookies may also be used, which record statistical data regarding the flow of visits and their characteristics. Cookies set by Google Analytics send data only to the server where the domain is installed, making them the property of that domain. This data cannot be changed or retrieved by any service or domain. The information obtained through these means does not allow any link to be made with users’ IP addresses for the purpose of obtaining personal data. For additional information about data collection by Google Analytics, go to

Most browser programs are set to accept cookies, although it is possible to configure the browser to refuse all cookies, or to alert you when a cookie is being sent. Users can configure their browsers to alert whenever a cookie is received or even disable cookies. However, we warn that this may partially affect the use of some of the features of the website, not allowing improved, personalized navigation.

9. Changes to the Personal Data Protection Policy

This policy may be modified, supplemented and updated to comply with any changes to the services provided by CGS, Lda. or to adapt to legal, regulatory and technological developments that may affect the area of ​​personal data protection, at any time, without notice and with immediate effect.

Any changes will be immediately posted on this same online page.

10. Consumer Information

Under the provisions of article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, in case of litigation, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body (RAL). RAL entities available for contracts awarded in the Faro district:

CIMAAL – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve [Center for Information, Mediation and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of the Algarve]

Edifício Ninho de Empresas, Estrada da Penha, 8005-131 Faro

Tel .: (+351) 289 823 135